Tidal Energy


Tidal energy projects are being developed worldwide with increasing maturity and acceptance as a source of renewable power. SST has been involved in virtually every aspect of tidal project development including:

  • Tidal resource assessment
  • Desktop studies
  • Site selection
  • System design
  • Permitting support
  • Site surveys
  • Diver surveys
  • GIS charting & analysis
  • Mooring & scour analysis
  • Subsea base concept & detalied design
  • Cable route plan
  • Cable specification
  • Cable termination design
  • Shore landing design & plan (HDD)
  • Manufacturing support
  • Integration and test planning
  • Installation design, planning & support
  • Maintenance planning
  • Operations Planning

SST provided all the marine planning for installation and retrieval of the Snohomish Public Utility District (SnoPUD) Tidal Energy project electrical equipment integrated with the tidal turbines.

SST, as prime contractor for the Navy Puget Sound tidal energy project, designed the subsea base for three Verdant Power turbines and provided site survey, site selection and cable route selection.