Tele-Greenland HDD Export Cable Landing, Nuuk Greenland


The Greenland Connect cable system is a very high capacity trans-Atlantic undersea telecommunications system. The system has two landings in Greenland, with the primary landing at Nuuk. The Nuuk cables have been damaged repeatedly by shore ice and ice bergs, resulting in significant revenue loss to the owner. The client selected SST to support the replacement of the existing cable landings by HDD bores. SST was responsible for updating the Desktop Study that was done for the initial installation, planning and conducting a survey to map the seafloor and acquire subbottom data for HDD contractors, and planning and overseeing the HDD operations.

The project was particularly challenging because of the nature of the materials at the site (basaltic rock), the remoteness of the site and the bathymetry at the site, which is very steep. In addition, the bores exited in deep water. The surveys were conducted in August, 2011 and the HDD operations in the summer, 2012 construction season.

Two HDD bores were drilled 1165 meters through the hard bedrock, exiting at about 209 meters water depth. The two bores were drilled from a single launch site. The cable pull was completed using a ROV. These are believed to be the deepest HDD exits for a telecommunications cable shore landing, necessitating complex Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) operations to guide the new cables into the bores.

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