SeaPort-e Quality Assurance


Sound & Sea Technology, Inc. (SST) is a learning organization committed to continuously improving the services we provide our customers. We believe that every person is responsible for the quality of the work they do in support of our customers and in dealing with each other. Our culture is one where professionalism and accountability work hand in hand to create an environment where personal responsibility and accountability combine with mutual assistance to establish the highest level of customer satisfaction. As President, I hold each of us in the highest professional regard and expect each of us to take the steps necessary to proactively seek improvement in everything we do.

I have assigned Technical Director, Dallas Meggitt, as the primary technical review authority for SST oversight. He may, from time to time, delegate these responsibilities to others within the organization. At all times we will use the principle of peer and Technical Director review to assure that our deliverables to our customers meet the highest standards and all contract requirements.

I have assigned Business Director, Lee Brissey, as the primary focal point for all Quality Assurance activities for SST. In this role, Lee shall be responsible for assessing customer satisfaction, initiating and managing specific improvement initiatives that are required to facilitate continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. In this role Lee will work with all employees and teammates.

All Task Leads and Program Managers are responsible for understanding and communicating customer contract and technical requirements to the project team. They have the responsibility and authority to execute the projects to the terms of the contract and the highest professional standards.