01 Aug 2007

SST has been awarded a five-year contract with General Services Administration (GSA). Agencies can now order our services through GSA.

Edmonds Firm Wins Navy Bid

06 Nov 2005

EDMONDS – Sound & Sea Technology Inc. has secured a five-year military contract worth up to $29.5 million to provide ocean engineering services for U.S. naval facilities around the world. The Edmonds-based company will lead a team that includes 11 subcontractors in a range of…

Home-Based Firm a World Class Player

06 Nov 2005

Sound & Sea Technology’s latest feat – winning a five-year $29.5 million contract from the Naval Facilities Engineering Service Center in Port Hueneme, California – is just the latest in a string of successes for the Edmonds home-based company. “It’s hard to imagine that a…

Navy Awards SST $13.5M Contract

06 Nov 2005

EDMONDS — When residents here send e-mail to relatives in Asia or make business calls to Europe, the bits of information and voice pulses often shoot through fiber-optic cables crisscrossing the oceans. To keep the globe connected, however, someone has to lay the cables thousands…