Marine Load Handling Systems


We have designed, built, installed, tested, and operated specialized load handling systems for  various US Navy projects. This has included :

  • Planning and scheduling the system development from design through sea tests
  • Specification, procurement, and testing of wire and synthetic ropes and electro-optical-mechanical umbilicals
  • Establishing the system operating loads and appropriate design factors
  • Selecting appropriate marine materials and coatings
  • Performing finite element analysis (FEA) on structural members, actuators, and deck attachments in the design of new handling systems
  • Containerized deck support workspaces for the system
  • Planning and performing shore-based assembly and testing
  • Test platform selection
  • Planning and performing sea tests of the system
  • Equipment installation , testing, training, and maintenance on Customer’s ship

CLFA Handling System Configuration

FEA of Maximum Stresses on structural components of a VDS launch and recovery system