Steve A. McLaughlin (CDR USN – Retired)

Security AT Engineering – Lead Instructor

Mr. McLaughlin is currently senior Program Manager for Critical Infrastructure Protection at Sound and Sea Technology (SST) Inc. Mr. McLaughlin has over 33 years of experience in security and emergency management practices. During active duty he provided security services to high profile government delegations in war zones, including representatives of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, GAO, and numerous Congressional Delegations. He has conducted overseas counter terrorism operations and has instructed and trained Navy Security Force personnel in basic through advanced Anti-terrorism/Force Protection. He is a US Navy Master Training Specialist and Certified ICS 300/400 Instructor. He has served as Chairman of the Homeland Security Region 1 Terrorist Early Warning (TEW) Group which coordinated private sector and law enforcement personnel to develop a comprehensive terrorism early warning system to notify owners of critical infrastructure of emerging terror threats. He has led technology evaluation and assessment programs for the NAVFAC AT/FP Ashore Program Office to include development of perimeter security design tools, evaluation of naval facility perimeter security systems, assessment of emerging perimeter technologies, and development of interoperable communications systems in support of the DHS Interoperable Communications Technical Assistance Program (ICTAP). As Program Manager for waterside security projects, he is currently leading development programs to deliver enhanced waterside intrusion detection systems for US Navy and domestic Nuclear Power facilities.


Ian McKissick

Security AT Engineering – Instructor

Mr. McKissick joined SST in 2003 and works as a Mechanical Engineer and designer. He has worked on various projects directly related to waterside security and sensor systems including the Expeditionary Swimmer Defense System (XSDS) since 2009. In this project, Mr. McKissick is responsible for a broad range of engineering tasks that rely on mechanical hardware design experience, manufacturing techniques experience, experimental test design experience and the ability to document findings. He is the Lead designer of mechanical hardware/components and testing of XSDS concepts and hardware which includes modeling, testing, analysis and manufacturing. Other projects for Mr. McKissick include engineering and analysis for fiber optic deep water sensor system, and ordinance acoustic detection systems. He has expertise in SolidWorks, AutoCAD and other engineering software programs. He has extensive experience in sensor system red-teaming and has worked with Sandia National laboratories evaluating sensor technologies. He has gained a deep understanding of design basis threat methods and capabilities.