SST personnel have many years of practical experience in all aspects of installation and post installation support for all types of undersea systems. We include the installation implications for a system in the design concept phase of a program and carry that through the detailed design phase so that the system can be installed in an economical and safe manner.

SST has taken many projects from concept to life cycle support. We define the requirements, identify and secure an experienced installation team, vessels and crews. We obtain the specialized deck and scientific equipment and manage the onsite work.

Our experience includes:

  • Design, fabrication and installation of subsea cable systems and structures
  • Installation of vertical and horizontal acoustic arrays
  • Design and fabrication of cable and load handling systems
  • Installation of telecommunication, data and power cable systems
  • Acoustic, magnetic, and fiber optic sensor systems

SST has designed, fabricated and installed a complex acoustic array in 4400 ft of water in the Bahamas.

SST has installed systems in a wide range of ocean depths at sites around the world.