Cross Bay Export Power Cable Repair & Replacement


Cross Bay Export Power Cable Repair and Replacement, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

SST was contracted to install two subsea power cables across the bay at Guantanamo Bay (GTMO), Cuba. The two power cables were each 2km long, and install from shore-to-shore in 50 ft maximum water depth. SST prepared a detailed installation plan, mobilized the cable lay spread and supervised the installation operation. Mobilization and demobilization took place in South Florida; a 150-ft barge was outfitted with a 30-ft diameter rotating cable tank, deployment gantry, two cable engines, generators, a stern chute and various control and equipment ISO containers; the barge possessed a 4-point mooring system. The tug and barge transited to GTMO, where both cables, including 4 shore ends, were installed within an 8-day period. The armored power cables were additionally protected with articulated cast iron split pipe at the shore end approaches.


Guantanamo Bay