Sound & Sea Technology, Inc. (SST) is pleased to announce the award of a prime contract on the U.S. Navy’s Seaport Next Generation (NxG) contract vehicle. The Seaport NxG contract (N00178-18-R-7000) was awarded to SST on December 4, 2018. It represents an opportunity worth $50 Billion over the next ten years with an expected value of $5 Billion in annual sales.

This award enables SST and Seaport NxG teammates to compete for Navy work around the nation. The scope includes 22 functional areas that fall into two broad functional areas: engineering services and program management support. Type of work expected includes systems engineering, software development, research and development, system design documentation and technical data, financial analysis, quality assurance, configuration management, information technology, and logistics support.  While SST has partners, additional partners can be added based on task needs.


Seaport NxG is a follow-on contract to the Seaport-e vehicle which has been of the Navy’s largest ordering platforms since 2001.  SST was an award recipient of the preceding contract as well.


Congratulations to SST along with all the other prime awardees and their team members!


Find out more about the award here:

Find out more about SST’s capabilities here:

Did You See SST at Coastal Surveillance Asia 2018?

11 Dec 2018, Posted by Julie Gaevert in News

Did you see Sound & Sea at the 2018 Maritime Security and Coastal Surveillance Conference in Singapore?

The Technical Director of Sound & Sea Technology, and the Regional Director, Asia-Pacific, of Sound & Sea Asia, participated in the 15th Maritime Security and Coastal Surveillance Conference held in Singapore November 27 – 28, 2018. Sound & Sea Technology was one of several featured sponsors at the premier maritime security conference in Southeast Asia.

As part of our participation in the conference, SST sponsored a coffee cart to provide gourmet beverages with latte art for attendees. See SST Technical Director taking a coffee break in the picture below.

Dallas Meggitt at the SST coffee stand

Technical Director at the SST coffee stand. Maritime Security and Coastal Surveillance 2018, Singapore.

This conference is attended by senior Military and Ministry of Defense personnel from the nations surrounding the South China Sea. The program included discussions on the geopolitical situation in the region, recent developments in regional coastal surveillance and maritime security issues, as well as projected defense budgets and acquisition strategies.

Find out more about the conference here:

Get more SST news here:

Sound & Sea Technology Contracted to Repair Idaho Levee

07 Nov 2018, Posted by Julie Gaevert in News

Sept. 5, 2018: USACE Walla Walla District awards $372,838 contract to Lynnwood based woman-owned small business Sound & Sea Technology, Inc. to repair Gooding diversion structure and channel.

GOODING, Idaho – U. S. Army Corps of Engineers selected woman-owned small business Sound & Sea Technology, Inc. to rehabilitate several flood-damaged areas of the Gooding Diversion Flood Reduction Project.  The project, located on the Little Wood River in Gooding County, Idaho began work on October 15, 2018, and is planned to continue into January 2019. The rehabilitation project work will require about a month to complete.  The safety way diversion structure and bank channel were damaged by sustained high flows during the 2017 flood season.

For more information about this project visit the following links below 

Sound & Sea Technology, Inc. Receives $245M Navy Contract Award

30 Apr 2018, Posted by Michele Bullock in News

Big News! On April 25, 2018, Sound & Sea Technology, Inc. received a Navy contract award! The indefinite delivery indefinite quantity (IDIQ) Navy contract has a ceiling of $245M for 5 years and was awarded by The Naval Facilities Engineering and Expeditionary Warfare Center, Port Hueneme, California. (NAVFAC EXWC)

Sound & Sea Technology, Inc. will provide support to the Navy on tasks for “projects involving ocean cable systems, ocean work systems (i.e., shipboard load handling systems and undersea work systems), acoustic and fiber optic sensors, waterfront facilities, offshore structures, moorings, and ocean construction equipment.” The geographic locations are worldwide.  Additional information is located here:  Defense News Navy Award April 25, 2018

Sound & Sea Technology, Inc. is proud to support NAVFAC EXWC, which provides engineering support and expertise throughout the Navy and the Department of Defense.

For more information, contact:
Dallas Meggitt
Technical Director

Sound & Sea Technology Inc. (SST) has recently completed the recovery, upgrade and redeployment of an undersea acoustic array which is part of a system the used by the U.D. Navy for subsea acoustic measurements (Figure 1). The array is moored near The South Tongue of the Ocean Acoustic Facility (STAFAC) on Andros Island, Bahamas (Figure 2) and has a tracking and communication system and seafloor cable system for power and telemetry.

The system consists of two vertical high gain measurement system (HGMS) array structures moored in 4,000 feet of water; an underwater tracking and communication system; and a seafloor cable system (with shallow water junction box) for power and telemetry from the United States Navy’s Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center (AUTEC) shore facility on Andros Island to the underwater array.

SST, with a Navy team, designed and installed the STAFAC mooring and mechanical systems, including a large A-frame (Figure 3) and has conducted all of the operations for maintenance and upgrades since 2008. For this recent upgrade task, SST prepared all the planning and engineering required for the recovery and installation of the array as well as at-sea operations including the vessel (Figure 4), diver and ROV support. SST personnel directed the at-sea operations for the installation of the North HGMS array, the upgrade of the STAFAC junction box, and the upgrade of the South HGMS array toward a successful outcome.

The work is part of an ongoing multiple award contract with the Navy to provide ocean engineering support to the Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Engineering and Expeditionary Warfare Center.

Read The original article at :

In August and September, Sound & Sea Technology, Inc. (SST) successfully managed and participated in the assembly and systems integration of the first wave energy conversion (WEC) device for the U.S. Navy’s Kaneohe Bay Wave Energy Test Site (WETS) in Hawaii.

Since May 2015, SST has been assembling and integrating components for the Fred. Olsen Ltd. Lifesaver Energy Platform (LEP) in preparation for eventual offshore deployment and testing at WETS. LEP is an advanced electromechanical point absorber WEC platform that uses unique point absorber hull and leading-edge power take-off (PTO) configurations. LEP will be tested and evaluated for approximately six months at WETS.”

Published in November 2015 Sea Technology Magazine…

During August and September 2015, Sound & Sea Technology, Inc. (SST) successfully managed and participated in the assembly and systems integration of the first Wave Energy Conversion (WEC) device for the Navy’s Kaneohe Bay Wave Energy Test Site (WETS) in Hawaii. Since May 2015, SST has been assembling and integrating components for the Fred. Olsen Ltd. Lifesaver Energy Platform in preparation for eventual offshore deployment and testing at WETS.

The Lifesaver Energy Platform (LEP) is an advanced electro-mechanical point absorber WEC platform that uses unique point absorber hull and leading-edge power take-off (PTO) configurations. The Lifesaver Energy Platform will be tested and evaluated for approximately six months at WETS. The device was previously tested in waters off the United Kingdom and is one of the most advanced devices in the industry. The Lifesaver Energy Platform is the first WEC device to be deployed at one of the new WETS deep water test berths and is the result of the Navy’s interest in advancing renewable energy for Department of Defense applications.

As the Prime Contractor for WETS, SST has provided engineering support services to the Navy to upgrade and expand WETS since 2012. This includes technical input for operations and installation, mooring analyses and design, environmental and geotechnical site reviews, power cable testing and analysis, grid connection component design, power grid studies, preliminary and final WETS system design specifications, and execution of the WETS infrastructure installation process.

The figures below illustrate the LEP mobilization and assembly process. The system is designed to be easily transported and then fully assembled at or near an installation site. As of today, the Lifesaver Energy Platform is ready for installation at WETS after being assembled at Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam (JBPHH). The WEC is currently at temporary storage waterside at Marine Corps Base Hawaii (MCBH) Kaneohe awaiting final environmental documentation.

Figure 1. Lifesaver Energy Platform assembly stages at Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam.
Photo credit: Sound & Sea Technology, Inc.


Figure 2.  Lifesaver Energy Platform Assembly Team from SST, Healy‐Tibbitts, Navy, and Fred. Olsen. Photo credit: Sound & Sea Technology, Inc.


Figure 3. Lifesaver Energy Platform Deployment, Waterside Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam, and Lift / Assembly Crew. Photo credit: Sound & Sea Technology, Inc.


Figure 4. Lifesaver Energy Platform towed from Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam to Marine Corps Base Hawaii (MCBH) Kaneohe Bay water front operations. Photo credit: Sound & Sea Technology, Inc.


Figure 5. Lifesaver Energy Platform in water at Waterfront Operations’ quay wall, Marine Corps Base Hawaii , Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii, awaiting installation at Wave Energy Test Site 80m berth. Photo credit: Sound & Sea Technology, Inc.


Figure 6. Engineers, project and Navy officials participate in a traditional Hawaiian blessing of the Fred. Olsen Lifesaver Energy Platform at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam (JBPHH) on September 3, 2015. From L to R: Mike Zadra, Sound & Sea Technology (SST), Even Hjetland, Fred. Olsen, Matt Ramey SST, CAPT Michelle DeLuca, Vice Commander, Naval Facilities Engineering Command Pacific, Cmdr. David McAlister, NAVFAC Hawaii, Public Works Officer, JBPHH Facilities and Environmental, LCDR Ivan Cavenall (partially obscured), Assistant Regional Engineer Office, Energy Program Officer, Commander, Navy Region Hawaii, Dr. Patrick Cross, Hawaii Natural Energy Institute, and Kahu Kordell Kekoa of Kamehameha Schools Bishop Memorial Chapel, performing the Hawaiian blessing. Photo credit: Blair Martin Gradel, Ho’okele, Pearl Harbor-Hickam News newspaper.

Sound & Sea Technology, Inc. ( is a woman-owned small business headquartered in Lynnwood, Washington, with a division located in Ventura, California, and operations in Cork, Ireland, and specializes in ocean engineering for complex undersea systems, for port and harbor security and renewable marine energy. The company provides ocean engineering, systems engineering, and program management support worldwide to the U.S. Navy, other government agencies, and firms that develop, build, and install systems and equipment in the ocean.

Engineers and contractors affiliated with the Fred Olsen Lifesaver wave energy converter (WEC) participate in a traditional Hawaiian blessing ceremony Sept. 3, performed by Rev. Kordell Kekoa of Kamehameha Schools, at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam (JBPHH).

Story and photo by Blair Martin Gradel

Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam Public Affairs

The Fred Olsen Lifesaver wave energy converter (WEC), which utilizes innovative technology to convert wave power into energy, received a special Hawaiian blessing Sept. 3 at Kilo Pier at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam (JBPHH).

Members of the Life-saver’s original design team, as well as contracting partners from Sea and Sound Technology, Inc., and representatives from Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) Pacific and NAVFAC Hawaii attended.

Rev. Kordell Kekoa of Kamehameha Schools performed a traditional Hawaiian blessing ceremony.

“This is a great opportunity for us at NAVFAC and the region to support renewable energy projects,” said Lt. Cmdr. Ivan Cavenall, energy program officer for Navy Region Hawaii.

“I think with different technologies that are emerging now, wave energy as a renewable source is important to consider. I think this [blessing] is a great way for us to show partnership and support for this type of venture,” he said.

The Lifesaver, considered one of the most sophisticated WECs in the market today, was developed in Norway by Fred Olsen Renewables and recently shipped to Oahu where it will be deployed for off-shore testing at the Navy’s wave energy test site (WETS), located at Marine Corps Base Hawaii (MCBH) in Kaneohe, set to start in October.

“The [Lifesaver] is probably the most developed wave energy device in the world right now,” said Matthew Ramey, an engineer with Sound and Sea Technologies, a contracting partner with NAVFAC Pacific and NAVFAC Hawaii in charge of overseeing and maintaining the WEC’s operation at MCBH.

“This is one of the only energy converters that have been in the water for any amount of time and has had serious testing done which makes it definitely one of a kind,” Ramey said.

According to Alexandra Devisser, NAVFAC Engineering and Expeditionary Warfare Center based in California, the Lifesaver was successfully deployed for two years at the Falmouth Bay Test Site (FaB Test), an English site where marine renewable energy devices are also being tested.

“The Fred Olsen company made some design improvements which are in the buoy’s current configuration and will be tested at the (WETS),” she explained.

“There will be other buoys going into the water in the next couple of years, so this isn’t the last of the different systems and configurations that we will see,” Devisser said.

Bryan Law, regional energy program manager for NAVFAC Hawaii, agreed that the Lifesaver is an innovative device that shows considerable promise for Navy applications of wave energy.

“Most installations in the Pacific [Rim] have pretty good access to waves and a shoreline, so there is good potential for those particular bases to reduce their fossil fuel use by being able to plug directly into the grid, so to speak, and harness this kind of wave energy,” he said.

“So we are definitely tracking and supporting thee [Lifesaver’s] progress, especially on the Navy side.”

The Eastern part of Washington State has recently been devastated by a series of wildfires that drew nationwide attention and continue to burn. During the peak of the infernos, SST team member Steve Mclaughlin received a call from state assemblyman Matt Shea of Spokane Valley. Matt inquired how long it would take Steve to mobilize support and supplies to 200+ families who had lost homes in the blaze. Always one to rise to the call of duty, Steve reached out to a wide and well established network of contacts to personally organize a mass relief effort.


Within a week Steve and his crew assembled two loads of relief materials consisting of sleeping bags, cots, tents, pet food, personal/hygiene items, cookware, and many other basic necessities.

The first two loads alone totaled over EIGHT tons.

Steve and his crew also organized the shipment and distribution of ten tons of hay and alfalfa for the displaced farm animals on the eastern part of the state.

Steve and his team delivered supplies directly to affected families consciously not asking them to come to a distribution facility. In addition to supplies, Steve and his crew provided building reconstruction aid and land support to the victims all at NO COST except for fuel donations. With all of this rewarding effort, a total of about 30 tons of supplies were gathered for the families and delivered in short order by Steve Mclaughlin and his crew. We are so proud of Steve and his team!



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