April 2016


On April 12, Dallas Meggitt presented a paper entitled, “DEVELOPMENT OF STANDARDS FOR UNDERWATER DISTRIBUTED ARCHITECTURES” at the Ocean’s 16 Shanghai conference.  An Underwater Distributed Network (UDN) can be defined as a series of undersea cables and nodes used in an open architecture to communicate and power underwater assets that are static (such as tethered sensors) or dynamic (such as unmanned underwater vehicles) and controlled from ashore.  There is a strong need to collect real-time data from undersea instruments using UDN’s in many industries including oil & gas, military and ocean science.  The objectives of the paper were:

  • To assess the current state of technical standards and recommended practices as they are applicable to Underwater Distributed Networks (UDN)
  • To identify gaps in standards and recommended practices
  • To provide suggested starting points for standards to be applied in future UDN developments

Co-authors included: Mr. Jeffrey Wilson, Sound & Sea Technology, Inc., Mr. Dan McAlister, Sound & Sea Technology, Inc., Mr. Joshua Henson, NAVFAC Engineering and Expeditionary Warfare Center.


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