February 2016

Undersea Acoustic Array

Figure 1. SST and Navy personnel recover STAFAC array in November, 2015.

EDMONDS, WA – Sound & Sea Technology Inc. (SST), Edmonds, Washington and Ventura, Calif., recently completed the successful recovery, upgrade and redeployment of an undersea acoustic array which is part of a system the Navy uses for subsea acoustic measurements (Figure 1). The array is moored near The South Tongue of the Ocean Acoustic Facility (STAFAC) on Andros Island, Bahamas (Figure 2) and has a tracking and communication system and seafloor cable system for power and telemetry.

The system consists of: 1) two vertical high gain measurement system (HGMS) array structures moored in 4000 feet of water; 2) an underwater tracking and communication system; and 3) a seafloor cable system (with shallow water junction box) for power and telemetry from the United States Navy’s Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center (AUTEC) shore facility on Andros Island to the underwater array.


Figure 2. Map showing Andros Island, Bahamas and Tongue of the Ocean near location of the STAFAC array.

SST, with a Navy team, designed and installed the STAFAC mooring and mechanical systems, including a large A-frame (Figure 3) and has conducted all of the operations for maintenance and upgrades since 2008. For this recent upgrade task, SST prepared all the planning and engineering required for the recovery and installation of the array as well as at-sea operations including the vessel (Figure 4), diver and ROV support. SST personnel directed the at-sea operations for the installation of the North HGMS array, the upgrade of the STAFAC junction box, and the upgrade of the South HGMS array toward a successful outcome. Sound & Sea Technology’s President Judith A. Meggitt commented, “Our engineers have decades of practical at-sea experience and are very adept at overcoming engineering challenges and thinking outside the box especially at sea.” The work is part of an on-going multiple award contract with the Navy to provide ocean engineering support to the Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Engineering and Expeditionary Warfare Center.


Figure 4. SST subcontracted the MV SHELIA BORDELON for the recovery and installation of the STAFAC mooring. (Photo: Bordelon Marine web page)

15-Ton A-frame

Figure 3. SST designed and built a 15-Ton A-frame for the installation of the array system in 2008. The same A-Frame was assembled and installed onto the MV SHELIA BORDELON for the STAFAC Refurbishment Operation. Photo: SST

Sound & Sea Technology, Inc. is a woman-owned small business engineering firm headquartered in Edmonds Washington, with a division located in Ventura California, specializing in ocean engineering for complex undersea systems, renewable ocean energy, waterside security and anti-terrorism/force protection. The company provides ocean engineering, systems engineering and program management support worldwide to the U.S. Navy, other government agencies, and firms that develop, build and install underwater equipment.

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