21 Sep 2015

The Eastern part of Washington State has recently been devastated by a series of wildfires that drew nationwide attention and continue to burn. During the peak of the infernos, SST team member Steve Mclaughlin received a call from state assemblyman Matt Shea of Spokane Valley. Matt inquired how long it would take Steve to mobilize support and supplies to 200+ families who had lost homes in the blaze. Always one to rise to the call of duty, Steve reached out to a wide and well established network of contacts to personally organize a mass relief effort.


Within a week Steve and his crew assembled two loads of relief materials consisting of sleeping bags, cots, tents, pet food, personal/hygiene items, cookware, and many other basic necessities.

The first two loads alone totaled over EIGHT tons.

Steve and his crew also organized the shipment and distribution of ten tons of hay and alfalfa for the displaced farm animals on the eastern part of the state.

Steve and his team delivered supplies directly to affected families consciously not asking them to come to a distribution facility. In addition to supplies, Steve and his crew provided building reconstruction aid and land support to the victims all at NO COST except for fuel donations. With all of this rewarding effort, a total of about 30 tons of supplies were gathered for the families and delivered in short order by Steve Mclaughlin and his crew. We are so proud of Steve and his team!



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