September 2010


Continuing the Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) program with NFESC, Lockheed Martin has awarded a subcontract to SST for $257,285 for Phase II continuing design of the structure subsystems, corrosion management, ocean engineering, anchoring and mooring, environmental planning and test and installation planning. Phase I subcontract equaled $1,353,937.

Naval Facilities Engineering Services Center (NFESC) in Port Hueneme, CA awarded SST a task for $2,487,935 to continue with Phase 3 of the Expeditionary Swimmer Defense System (XSDS), that provides base security from waterborne intruders. In Phase 1 SST developed a preliminary design for the XSDS instrumented barrier system. In Phase 2 SST designed, fabricated and demonstrated a full-scale prototype system with gate functions. Phase 3 will continue to advance the design, fabricate and demonstrate the fully functional system. A pilot installation has recently become operational on the waterside of a nuclear power plant.