Edmonds Firm Wins Navy Bid

06 Nov 2005

EDMONDS – Sound & Sea Technology Inc. has secured a five-year military contract worth up to $29.5 million to provide ocean engineering services for U.S. naval facilities around the world.

The Edmonds-based company will lead a team that includes 11 subcontractors in a range of projects for the Navy, including assisting with undersea cable installation, offshore structure and buoy work, and improving harbor and port security.

The contract’s first year gives Sound & Sea and its contractors more than $5.7 million. The Naval Facilities Engineering Service Center, based in Port Heuneme, Calif., has the option of renewing the contract for the for the following four years, through 2010.

“It’s the largest contract we have ever received,” said Judith Meggitt, president and co-owner of Sound & Sea.

Meggitt and her husband launched Sound & Sea in 1999 from their home, where the company still is headquartered. Judith Meggitt once worked for Northrup Grumman Corp. Dallas Meggitt spent more than 20 years designing and installing undersea equipment as a civilian employee for the Navy.

Since then, Sound & Sea has opened a branch office in Ventura, Calif., and done millions of dollars in contract work for the military, telecommunications firms and others.

The Meggitts have helped install underwater power cables at Guatanamo Bay, Cuba, and installed nuclear test blast monitoring devices in the middle of the south Atlantic Ocean.

Closer to home, Sound & Sea worked on an undersea telecommunications cable that runs from Mukilteo to California and Japan.
Judith Meggitt said Sound & Sea still is a virtual company, with many of its 40 employees working in different locations. Only a few work directly at the Edmonds headquarters.

The new contract, officially announced by the Defense Department a week ago, is significant, said U.S. Rep. Jay Inslee, a Democrat whose district includes Edmonds.

“This contract is a big win because it will help increase our nation’s security, not to mention create jobs locally,” he said in a written statement.

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